Cycling campaign website for Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Bikeminded is a council-led campaign to encourage people to cycle by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea started in 2011.

Working with London design consultancy Beam, we built the front and back end of the website.

This site is based on WordPress platform, so that the content updates and functionality expansion can be flexibly implemented. We have been constantly adding new features and design changes to the site since its launch as the campaign grows.

The site has a responsive layout for mobile view, so that mobile and tablet users will see this website in the best layout for their devices.


“Beam has worked with Taiyo Nagano/Tamassy for over ten years for digital and front-end development services and general web-based consultation. They have demonstrated 100% reliability in meeting deadlines and providing comprehensive, structured solutions for our web & digital projects and have always been a total pleasure to work with.”

Dominic Latham-Koenig – Creative Director, Beam

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