DJA is a London based agency founded in 1990 by David James who’s been art directing the campaigns for top luxury brands like Prada, Dior and Louis Vuitton.

We built their latest website closely working with their design team.
Our main role was to give technical advice on all aspects of the website based on the deep consultation on the requirements and daily operation of the site including the front-end UI design, CMS backend development and hosting server management.

This website has a very advanced backend system to flexibly design the case study pages for each project by non-technical designers and art directors.


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“Collaboration with the highest end art directors and designers is a bit orverwelming job because of their very high expectations, but we are confident to build websites which meets all their design & functional requirements with our deep understanding in design and technology.”

Taiyo Nagano – Creative Director, Tamassy

 » DJATamassy

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