Bose Collins

Fully bespoke CMS for London design consultancy

Bose Collins is a London based design consultancy who works for big corporate clients worldwide.

For them, the website is one of the most important marketing tools to showcase their high-quality works in wide variety of media.

The main objective of this project was to design and develop a good-looking as well as functionally flexible website which works perfectly for their portfolios including video works.

Working closely with Bose Collins’ team, we designed and developed this WordPress driven bespoke portfolio management system from scratch for their specific purpose.

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“Taiyo Nagano & Tamassy have been our go to team for any website online help for over a decade. All the work we do at Bose Collins is creatively led & demands not just technical & professional excellence from our partners, but an innate understanding of design & aesthetics also. Not many web developers are able to bridge this gap. Tamassy do it brilliantly. We look forward to continuing our collaborations far into the future.”

Nin Bose – Creative Director, Bose Collins

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