Theatre & Technology Awards

The Theatre & Technology Awards is an initiative founded by Theatrefullstop’s founder and editor in 2017, Lucy Basaba to shine a spotlight on theatre creatives who utilise technology as a means to contribute to the theatrical experience.

We were responsible for the creation of their brand identity and CMS website.
Taiyo, the creative director of Tamassy, was also the judge of the Theatre Poster category in 2017.

Award Ceremony Photos by Tammana Begum (2017) & Emmanuel Odusami (2018)

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“When I approached Tamassy to design the branding for the Theatre & Technology Awards in 2016, I was aware that the event was only a concept at the time, and that it had never happened before. We were working with a blank canvas and Tamassy were very supportive and encouraging with their suggestions. I was constantly kept in the know about the website and branding design and both elements have proved crucial to how the awards operate year on year. I would highly recommend working with Tamassy on branding as they genuinely care about you as a business and how best to brand yourself.”


Lucy Basaba – Founder

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