East London Dance

Modernisation of the branding and building of a complex CMS

East London Dance is the leading dance organisation, an important producer of creative dance experiences for the people of east London and beyond. They produce inspirational dance projects and events, and nurture the next generation of artists, growing one of the most diverse and vibrant dance communities in the country.

We were commissioned to do the branding alteration, website design and development. We upgraded their branding to more grown-up and contemporary design without changing the main elements based on their request. Then incorporated it into the entire website design with new colour coding.

This website is based on a highly complex bespoke CMS with which the client can manage the actively changing contents very easily.

 » East London DanceTamassy

Their request was to modernise the logo without touching the original shape and typeface. Our solution was to put it in a colour coded triangle facing ‘east’ and angle it inside. The new logo is much more versatile and looking contemporary now.

 » East London DanceTamassy

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