HD Virtual Arts

HD Virtual Arts is one the of the leading property photography & virtual tour/VR specialists based in London working for clients in the property, hotel and commercial sector.

Tamassy was commissioned to design a new brand identity, website and marketing materials for them.

In our close collaboration with HD Virtual Arts, our mission was clear: to create a brand identity that speaks directly to high-end clients in the hospitality, property, and commercial sectors.

Our approach was to craft a polished, elegant aesthetic with a hint of hi-tech without making it too masculine, so that the brand remains inclusive, gender-neutral and accessible.

From the sleek logo to the meticulously designed website and marketing materials, every element of HD Virtual Art’s new identity reflects our commitment to delivering a premium, refined look that captivates and inspires.


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“It’s always very important to fully understand the target audience and industry to design a brand identity which really works. The close collaboration with HDVA made it possible to establish the successful branding.”


Taiyo Nagano – Creative Director, Tamassy

 » HD Virtual ArtsTamassy

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