White Rainbow

White Rainbow is a commercial art gallery opened in 2014 in Fitzrovia, London. They focus on contemporary art from Japan and promote them in an international context.

Prior to the opening, Tamassy was commissioned to design and build their website. We started the project with careful consultation and planning with White Rainbow team considering all the future operation of the gallery and associated web content management. Then we came up with a carefully considered wireframe and design the interface graphics on top of it before developing the system.

The gallery staff have been managing the web contents with supplied user manual and Tamassy has been doing the regular maintenance and support since the launch.

We also worked on some print designs in Japanese language for them. We recently created a Japanese edition of their art catalogue.

Top photo by Tom de Gay


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“When White Rainbow Gallery launched in 2014, it was essential for us to work with a digital design team who could completely understand our concept, and the clean, accessible aesthetic we were looking for. Taiyo Nagano and Tamassy have been incredibly helpful throughout, with their fresh and creative design ideas, and efficient maintenance of our website, which they continue to do to a very high professional standard. We are thrilled with our finished product, a design which is pleasing to the eye and easy to use.”

Yukiko Ito – Founder/Director, White Rainbow

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